Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yes...It was a hard wall...

So, as you've all noticed I have not blogged in quite sometime. I went to a few classes after my last post...five last week I think, including a double on Saturday. I was taking Sunday off and prepared to double up, maybe try an advanced class and such, to meet my 60 day challenge. Then the cold came. Not cold as in temperature, but cold as in sinus pain, runny nose, coughing and congestion. Most people could just take an over the counter remedy and go on without be to terribly hindered but I am not allowed to take any medication because of my recent liver problems. I couldn't hardly talk on Monday, spent ALL day Tuesday in bed, quite a bit of Wednesday in bed, and have been trying to work the best I can today. I finished up 30 classes in I think about 40 days and that itself is a big accomplishment for me. The fact that I was on the top of a transplant list just 3 months ago and didn't know what my life ahead of me would hold and was still able to start this wonderful Bikram journey is amazing to me. So, I don't think I will be making my 60/60 challenge, but that is okay. I have made some amazing transformations in mental and physical stability. Once I kick this cold in the bud I plan to start my classes up again. I leave on a company trip to Jamaica on September 11 and I would like to try to do 30-35 classes prior to departure. Thanks everyone for the support you have given me. I will keep this blog updated with my new Jamaica Challenge, I will call it. After I retrun from that trip I'm hoping to start up a new 60 day challenge. The only good thing about not completing this challenge is that I know now that its not about just 60 days, its about life. Its a journey and I have taken a detour but I will be back on my Yoga path shortly. As Arnie and Jen say "It's always perfect weather for Bikram Yoga!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 28: Hit a wall

I was not myself in class today. I took more water than usual, sat out some postures, and thought the time drug on forever. I was a little disappointed with myself but I know it is part of the process. I will refocus before my next class and hopefully be able to push myself further.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I have got to keep up with my blogging!

Day 23:

I had a nice class at 4:30. Unlike last time I pulled a double, I was not completely wimped out. I had more strength than I expected and had a great time.

Day 24:

I spent my day on an unsuccessful journey to buy an iphone. I still have no iphone and I missed Yoga. When I say missed, I mean missed.

Day 25:

I did class at 4:30. It was a solid class. I took myself to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes to reward all of my hard work.

Day 26:

Was not feeling so hot. Skipped out on a class but got some work done.

Day 27:

Woohoo! I have missed my classes with Jessica. I went at 6:30 and had a solid class despite the fact I was not feeling well. I left feeling better than I got there, so that is always a plus. I also learned to embrace any energy that is produced from an evening class and if I can't sleep, than be productive with the sleeping pills! Jessica said this after one of the postures and I had a difficult time controlling my laughter. I love to laugh in class!

Challenge Tally: 24/27...looks like there are some doubles in my near future!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 22: I actually REALLY love my camel!

Talk about a complete 180 from yesterday. I attended class at 4:30 with Jessica and it just flew by. It was a pretty solid class. I went in with a positive attitude and a clean slate and took it one breath at a time. The class went so well that I wanted more. I stayed for the 6:30 class with Sheila. I was able to keep up my strength and control my breathing for the majority of the class.

The good news:
I have been trying to get past the mental block that has been preventing me from embracing ultrasana or camel pose. Today in both sets of both classes I was finally able to let go. Just let go and breathe and go in to the posture everytime. I found that it was easier, yet still challenging, to not be afraid and embrace the feelings and emotions that this posture causes than to hold myself back afraid of what I will feel next. For those of you who are not yet Bikram practicers here is what it looks like:

This is one of the master postures in the practice. Being a new Yogi I still have far to go in mastering this, along with the 25 other postures. But today I feel that I made a great step in the right direction as I could see improvement with every new attempt.

Practice makes perfect so I will continue to embrace the feelings and practice!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 21: Another week done, new lessons learned

First I must get this out of the way...I had my worst class ever. No reflection on Jessica who's voice helped me through the 90 minutes, but it was my personal worst.

I learned two very important lessons today.

1. Do not expect to have a pleasant Bickram practice five hours after having
tests/blood work done.
2. Do not psych yourself out.

This was actually a great day for me. I was pretty much cleared by my liver doctor who said I have made remarkable progress since my kidney/liver failure in May. This is news that I have been hoping for. He did however want to have one last set of labs drawn, just to be safe. I am already naturally wussy when it comes to that and did not feel good going in to class. I thought I could just let go and have a nice practice. My body was not in total agreement with that idea. I had to sit several times for fear of vomiting on my neighbor and had a huge problem with dizziness.

That brings me to the 2ND lesson of psyching myself out. As I felt worse I got irritated with myself for not being able to push through it. This led to feeling sad that it wasn't happening. Which led to being mad for being sad, and so on, you get the idea. I need to focus on not letting (in Jessica's words) the monkey chatter in my brain get the best of me in my practice.

I was able to offer up some encouragement to a fellow newbie Yogi which gave me positive energy. I left the studio not feeling defeated but with a positive attitude knowing that tomorrow is a new day. Instead of dwelling on it I am going to embrace those feelings as part of this process and hopefully handle it better if and when it happens again.

Thanks to everyone for your support!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My last week...

I'm really going to work on posting on time this week, but here's last week...

Thursday, July, 3:

Not much to report. I did hot golf today rather than hot yoga. I did break 66 on a side which was a personal record, so it was a good day.

Friday...Happy fourth of July!

I attended the 7:30am class with Jessica. It was a great class all in all.

Saturday and Sunday...
These were days of rest and family time for me.

Monday, July 7:

I spent a lovely evening with Sheila. I did my first back to back double, 4:30 and 6:30 classes. I was a little late for the first class but after my days of rest I felt incredibly strong. I was able to get and stay in camel three out of four times. I also got some tips on triangle from Sheila between classes and was able to work on keeping my foot from sliding in class two. I was able to control my breath in both classes.

Tuesday, July 8:

Again, nothing to report. I really needed to concentrate on work today after the holiday weekend so I did not attend class. I'm in the hole for 3 classes for my challenge but I will be able to make those up. I can't wait to go back tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day Fourteen: Two Weeks Down!

Well, my second week practicing this Yoga flew by. It went by a lot faster than the first. I am still even at 14/14 and that is okay with me. I don't think that I will do any more doubles unless I need to in order to accomplish my 60 day challenge. This week has been a little slow going for me. I have had to sit out on a few different things. With that being said, I have also been focusing more on particular postures, such as camel, and can see improvements within those. I got back into camel today and stayed there for longer. Jessica spoke this morning about being your own teacher and focusing on keeping the entire body tight for the whole 90 minutes. I am now trying to not just go through the motions but really focus on keeping my tummy and other muscles tight throughout the class. This makes it tougher but you can only get out what you put in. This will be my new challenge to myself.

Lucky Thirteen

I attended class at 4:30 PM. I was much more hydrated and mentally focused today. I still had some problems with my breath and (sorry boys) menstrual cramps but I somehow pushed through. I was able to get in the camel posture in the second set this afternoon. I didn't stay long but I was there. This is something that I have been focusing on so that made me happy.

Day Twelve: Back in the Saddle

I'm not sure how much good my day of rest did. I attended the 6:30PM class for the first time. Just being out of the room for one day, coming back in was difficult. I noticed the heat for the first time in a while and had some problems focusing on one breath at a time. It was more like trying to take ten breaths at once...I'm sure that tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day Nine, Ten and Eleven

Sorry for the blogging's been a crazy weekend!

Day Nine: Friday

I attended class at 5:30 AM (yes, I woke up at that hour without being forced) and had class with Jessica. My practice went well and I worked on a couple of postures that were giving me fits one breath at a time. I went home, took a short nap and started working at 9:30. This is where it gets real exciting...


I returned to the studio for a second class at 4:30PM with Jen and it was amazing. I thought that I would be weak and tired but I wasn't at all. I was able to reach new depths in my postures and felt much stronger than I normally do in class. I was pumped up when I left about all that I had achieved. It was wonderful!

Day Ten: Not so good...

As I somewhat expected, My 9:30 AM class with Roy did not go quite as well as I would've liked. Roy was great, he really made me laugh and push myself harder than I would've liked sent I went in feeling lethargic and tired. My muscles felt incredibly weak and was having problems steadying my breath again. I'm not letting this discourage me because I realize that it is a process. I will probably wait until I've been practicing at least a month before attempting another double, unless I go out of town and will be unable to practice for a few days.

Day Eleven: A Time of Rest

I decided after yesterday's class and talking to Arnie that I should probably take a day off. I am very committed to the Yoga but must also listen to my body. My body said...please, pretty please, let me rest so I listened. I feel that when I return tomorrow I will have enough strength to really focus on my practice and not just be a body in the room. I will update you all tomorrow!!!

Sidenote...I don't want this post to sound like I am discouraged because I am not. I realize that no matter how long you practice there will be good days and bad and that I must embrace all of those feelings. I look forward to continuing this journey.